The Champion 2000 juicer is a firm favourite machine in juicing circles and this is no surprise. The machine is incredibly well made and as solid and reliable as they come. The design employs a single auger with cutting teeth set into it. This auger is driven by a third of a horsepower motor running at approximately 1300 rpm, this makes the drive element of the machine nice and simple as unlike the slow speed juicers the champion does not need a gearbox.

Fruits and vegetables are fed into the auger chamber through a generously proportioned feed tube, juicing is nice and quick as the machine readily devours all that it is fed. While the Champion juicer is not really suitable for fine leafy greens such as wheat grass any large greens such as cabbage do juice well. All hard fruits and vegetables juice really well and rapidly in this super juicer. You can make juice just as fast as you can feed the machine, apples and such will require a little chopping up to feed in, but the champion’s feed tube will readily accept all but the largest of carrots. I would estimate that once the fruits and vegetables are prepared the champion can make a litre of juice in less than a minute quite easily.

Once juicing is finished clean up is swift and easy, the barrel of the juice comes off with less than a quarter turn, this part holds the integral juicing screen and exposes the auger, which simply slides off the motor shaft. The juicing screen holder slides off the barrel then the screen can be removed. All too easy! Each part is easy to clean with only the teeth on the auger and the holes on the juicing screen needing a thorough scrub, the rest is smooth plastic and easy to wash.

The Champion juicer is also multi function, it can juice, grind and homogenise with the replacement of a solid screen in place of the juicing screen (included with the juicer) There is also a grain mill available allowing the processing of grain. Once again this addition comes with the legendary champion build quality free of charge!

In conclusion possibly the Champion doesn’t offer the same absolute cold pressed juicing abilities of the latest slow rpm juicers, but you get great juicing speed, super robust build quality and super easy strip down and cleaning, a must in today’s busy lives. Also make no mistake; you are buying a time served legend of juicing! With a Champion in your kitchen you will have a chunky reliable source of fresh juicy goodness for many years, a great investment in personal health for you and your family.