HDTV technology is now almost universally used and it stands for High Definition Television. Lots of people buy televisions with High Definition because they enhance their experience of being entertained in the comfort of their homes with much better image resolution.

Gone are the days of the old technology which had the glitches of interference or noise plus the usual ghosting. However, we enjoyed this television medium for many years allowing us to see images from all around the world, movies, comedies, news coverage, fun and games programs etc.

It is ‘High Definition’ because the signal travels in digital form, in straight lines as opposed to analog signals that travel in waves and are prone to interferences of many kinds. Analog TVs remain in use and their signal can be converted to be seen on a HDTV sets. However they are really being faced out simply because people keep buying the new technology which is much better.

As with everything else, technology surges ahead allowing us to benefit from the new improvements and discoveries of image transmission and production, as well as greater innovations about image, video and film storage. Now memory is cheap compared with very recent times. And since the 1920’s that television was invented we now have HDTV sets than enhance our home entertainment to amazing levels of satisfaction.

Television still remains the highest form of entertainment for most people and so High Definition is embraced because of the clarity and beautiful definition we get from the images we now see in our TV screens. This digital age is what we got now and we are loving it. Television manufacturers around the world are doing great business because from almost anyone you talk to about HDTV, you get the same answer ‘yeah I got one’, or ‘I am buying one’.

Of course, at the same time, these new televisions besides being of much greater quality, they are manufactured quicker and better with top of the range computerized equipment which allows us to buy them cheaper than we used to pay for the old technology. The pace of manufacturing better versions of the new advances in TV technology, benefits us the consumer greatly.

HDTV sets can have different screen types: there are the ‘plasma’ TVs and the LCD ones and of course there are cons and pros for either type. You will find plasma HDTV sets with resolution levels of 3000:1 (now this figure is often more like 10,000:1) and LCD type sets with 1920 x 1080 of vivid colour crisp purity. But wait, now you can buy another type ‘ LED ‘High Definition’ sets in almost any size and price.

The competition between manufacturers is good for us since we benefit from their desire to sell us more units at better prices, for a much greater product. Now we also have HDTV on our mobile devices if we want or in the tablets. This is the best time in history to be living you may agree; well, this must have been said before in every generation I guess…

Speeds of transmission of image-data is increasing all the time and decreasing in costs too. Storage of films and videos is now a breeze because compression, transmission and storage technology is advancing fast every day. We must not forget also the magnificent filming technology we use every day with our mobiles which use also High Definition modes.

In addition the HDTV can be used as a huge monitor for computers, mobiles and tablets since there are connection cables coupling devices easily or, very soon if not already present, transmission will be wireless which makes our live even more comfortable.

The sound that comes from the new smart televisions as they are also called, is of great quality too, which at times, makes us believe the orchestra is there right in front of us, specially when we are in front of those giant HDTV screens… I have just done a search for biggest HDTV screens on the market and the answer: 110 inches! Or 2 and ¾ meters long!

When these smart televisions are coupled with cable or satellite signal transmissions, the number of channels available for the viewer are many, in the hundreds and often free as well. If you subscribe to the Cable and Satellite HDTV companies, this figure is much greater and with superb picture and sound quality. Both here in Europe and in America businesses supplying this kind of entertainment are booming.

Not sure how many people are still using the Analog type of signal anymore; probably very few people are still using them in the first world, since the switch from analog to digital is probably accomplished almost everywhere in Europe and in America.

HDTV and the fabulous entertainment it provide for us all, is responsible for more and more people to sometimes decide to stay at home rather than going out so much. Personally though, TV is not my strong like but I still enjoy it sometimes and so if we are to watch TV we might as well watch it in beautiful crisp outstanding High Definition.

Have fun with your HDTV!