From a spy in the camp

Kevin Riley, a much-respected Internet marketer and senior warrior, developed a Private Workshop for building your own information product business. This was hosted by the Warrior Forum and was limited to a select number, of which I was one. This workshop ran for approximately 6 weeks with daily videos and easy tasks to complete. People from all walks of life, different age ranges, varying skill levels, different nationalities, all started on the journey, to produce their very own products. A large proportion completed the training; others are still on the journey for various reasons. But everyone learned a heck of a lot and added to their skill levels. Each day had a separate short video with a simple task to complete, some took only a few hours to complete, others a little longer.

He has now released this complete workshop with easy to follow videos, supporting manuals and simple worksheets. There is also a forum where you can buddy up if you want to get that much needed support if you reach a stumbling block.

Kevin Riley is well known for his easy to follow step-by-step approach, this is no exception. Every small detail is covered, what button to press, where to click and what you should see. It starts gently, you assess yourself find your passions, it then leads you through the research, where, when, how and why. It gives you the links to the free or trial downloads and explains how to use them. It is a well thought out mix of creative solutions, informative strategies and innovative techniques, often left out of other courses. It is a complete A – Z nothing has been left out, everybody, all ages and skill levels can and will use this home course to develop their own range of information products.

The package includes videos, a manual and worksheets which makes the course easy to take at your own pace. This workshop was the inspiration needed to get out there and grow your business happen. You will have to put in some dedicated hours of work for it to pay off, but it certainly gets the creative juices flowing. user were flooded with new and fresh ideas for their business. It will become a much used reference package for years to come. The information is simple to follow and detailed, as you would expect from this respected marketer.