Think of the term “Flop the Nuts” in conjunction with bucks nights and bucks parties and you could be forgiven for thinking what kind of dubious activities might take place at such an event.

However a new style of bucks party has emerged in recent years that provides a fun, friendly and classy atmosphere for bucks to enjoy their final moments of freedom.

‘Flop the Nuts’: Definition- the attempt by a poker player to obtain an unbeatable hand on the flop or deal of cards. Flop the Nuts is a Texas Hold’em Poker term and we are all aware how this game is sweeping the globe as old and new players alike attempt to Flop the Nuts.

Combine the following and you have all the ingredients for a superior bucks party entertainment experience:-

3-4 hours of poker action

Topless Waitresses

Poker Tables

Poker Dealers

Event Co-ordinators

Chips / Playing Cards


Nude Shows

One company is leading the charge in providing this new style of bucks event:-

Not only do they cater for bucks nights in a fun filled atmosphere, but their website contains rules and regulation on how to play Texas Hold’em Poker, plus hand ranking information so new players can understand what cards they are aiming for and recommended reading for furthering your poker career.

Hence Flop the Nuts not only provides bucks party event services, but all the information a new player could ever need for simply learning how to Flop the Nuts legally.