MonaVie takes the approach that when you offer people a drink, you are showing them you care. It is up to them to decide how well they like it. You may remember Sam I Am from the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham who ins, "Try them and you may, I say." Some who tried this acai-based liquid do not care for the taste, while others enjoy it. So if you are giving away samples, which cost you $ 40 as a distributor, you are taking a calculated risk. Hopefully enough people will like it to want to buy it. But buying it is expensive, with each bottle retailing for $ 40, and a month's supply of four bottles costing $ 180. This is probably why a large percentage of distributors do not last in this MLM business. Selling such an expensive nutritional supplement is not always easy, especially if you are new to network marketing.

Once you are sold on the product, the 20% discount that distributors receive may help persuade you to sign up. But the discount may not add up to a good deal if you do not sell MonaVie to others. Furthermore, the binary compensation plan means you have to work to balance the results of your sales enrollments in order to share more of the company's profits. If one side of your team sells $ 900 of product and the other side $ 2700, you make 50% of the less volume, which would be only $ 450. Once you balanced the sides and had two legs making $ 2700 each, your cut of the profits would jump to $ 1400. With this kind of compensation, the company is trying to reward you for and motivate you to produce high sales volumes. But when a distributor is trying to build up their team, the responsibilities may be disappointing. In fact, it has been reported that only 10% of the company's distributors continue their efforts beyond three months.

Despite the naysayers, most people who have tried this fruit-based supplement agree that it is a quality product. Where some get hung up is the price and the marketing structure that the company uses to sell the product and the business opportunity. The prevailing advice is to go for this opportunity if you really believe in the product and have some networking experience behind you. Otherwise you may find you've just bought lots of expensive juice. Hope that it does your physical health some good, since without mastering network marketing, your financial well-being is not very likely to benefit.