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Here’s a list of online business tips to assist you on improving website ranking and search engine optimization. This is not an exact science and I cannot guarantee that working on these areas will put you on the first page of Google, increase page rank and your website traffic. But, it will without doubt increase your chances of better results.

My advice to you is to take each suggestion, Google it when necessary and learn about it. Then go about applying these tips on your website. Once you have done so, then move on to the next tip.

Some of these tips are to be directly applied to your site, such as adding keywords and tags, while others are not. These business tips are not in a specific order of importance. However, I would say that the first five are very important overall if you want to rank well in search engines for your selected keywords.

Comments on keywords:

You can add 60 to 80 characters of keywords on your website’s meta tags for best results. However, when optimizing your site, I would suggest focusing on a few per page, making sure that your chosen keywords are present throughout this page.

Your top keywords ought to be focused on your main (home) page, while your less significant keywords can focus on various others pages of your site. Utilize the Google Keyword Tool to search for your keywords’ search volume. It is a very efficient tool and better yet, FREE!

Here is a quick example of keyword selection:

Let’s say you are selling dog collars and have the following keywords listed in your meta tags:

  • Dog collars
  • Dog choke collars
  • Blue dog collars
  • Dog collars for sale
  • Dog training collars
  • Dog walking collars
  • Dog training collar reviews

SEO Tip: I would choose one (or two) of these keywords and optimize each page with them. Be aware of when deciding which to choose. Dog collars can be the highest searched term, but in a very competitive market can be very difficult for you to rank well with it.

You may want to choose a keyword that is slightly less competitive or even a long tail keyword, to increase your chances of ranking well.

Beware of keyword stuffing. Overuse of these keywords may have a negative impact.

  • First, stuffing your keywords will not come across as natural to the reader and may cause them lose interest.
  • Second, you risk the possibility of getting penalized by Google for keyword stuffing.

Without further ado, here are your 20 Online Business Tips:

  1. Add keyword in your url
  2. Add keywords in title
  3. Add keywords in meta tags
  4. Add keywords in content
  5. Have keywords in heading (H1) tags
  6. Post comments in forums
  7. Post comments in blogs
  8. Utilize article marketing
  9. Join social networking sites- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  10. Video Marketing- YouTube, TubeMogul, etc.
  11. Work on your branding and use it consistently across all platforms
  12. Show related posts if running business on blog platform
  13. Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks (need I say more)
  14. Work on your page load times
  15. Keywords in H2-H6 tags
  16. Keywords in alt tags for your images
  17. Make sure your website is in the appropriate readability level for your target market
  18. Anchor text in links
  19. Use of hypertext links
  20. Guest blogging is a great way to increase exposure and get relevant backlinks

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